Interview with Imanol Ortiz López, director of the short film Alumbramiento

Imanol Ortiz López, director of the horror and fantastic drama short film “Alumbramiento”, has made it clear that this project will not be just a short film, but the beginning of a broader cinematographic universe. Ortiz, who is also a screenwriter and producer, has recently founded Orlok Films, his own production company, to work on various projects, including expanding “Alumbramiento” into a full-length film.

The short film itself tells the story of Paula, who suffers from a lobster phobia and experiences vengeful nightmares while protecting her baby in her womb from a faceless menace. Ortiz has promised a climactic staging that features recurring themes in his work, such as the recent history of the Basque Country, mental health, and internal and external monsters.

You can see the full interview at the following link:

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